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Prediction time! Gophers vs Nebraska

Justin Fielder – Husker Cuz Cast Podcast @cuzcastJustin

Minnesota is sitting at 4-5 overall with just one win in the conference which places them in the bottom half of the Big Ten West. They join the likes of Nebraska, Purdue, and Illinois all of which Nebraska has beaten thus far. One could maybe argue that Nebraska has also beaten themselves at least twice this year as well.

Nebraska definitely needs this win to maintain a chance to become bowl eligible. It may not be pretty but I think Nebraska prevails on the road.

Prediction: Nebraska 27-17

Offensive MVP: Devine Ozigbo

Defensive MVP: Marcus Newby

Chris Wahl – Writer, Husker Hype @husker_hype

I’ve only picked the Huskers to lose 1 game this year and it was against Ohio State. Suffice to say, I’ve been wrong a lot more than I wish I had been. 

As the Huskers head to Minnesota you really have to wonder what is left of this team. I truly believe the Huskers are a better squad but I’ve thought that a lot this year and they have found ways to give games away. 

Minnesota lacks a passing game so the Huskers will once again have to stop the run if they want to leave with a win. Minnesota completed the exact same number of passes last week vs Michigan as the number of sacks they allowed (5). 

If the Huskers want to salvage any hope of finishing this season strong they will have to find a way against the Gophers. While it won’t be pretty, I think they escape with a win and move back to .500 for the year. 

Prediction: Huskers 30 -24

Offensive MVP: J.D. Spielman

Defensive MVP: Marcus Newby

Tyler Shafer – Husker Cuz Cast Podcast @ShafeMania

This weekend the Huskers head up north to face the Gophers. On paper, this is a game the Huskers should easily win. Minnesota has won only one conference games this season in beating Illinois by a touchdown. Since PJ Fleck took over Minnesota has struggled to “row the boat” and they have one of the worst offenses in the country to go along with it.

The question for the Huskers is what sort of pulse do they have left. Last week the Huskers had a heartbreaking loss to Northwestern and many feel it was the nail in the coffin for coach Mike Riley. Tanner Lee struggled against one of the worst pass defenses in the country and the questions marks surrounding him are back. The question for the final three games of the season is which Tanner Lee going to show up?  In what should be a very cold game those concerns are on the minds of all of Husker Nation and this game will end up being much closer than it should be. 

Prediction: Nebraska 31-24 

Offensive MVP: Tanner Lee 

Defensive MVP: Chris Jones 

Derrick Stafford – Husker Cuz Cast Podcast @cuzcastDerrick

The $5 bits of broken chair trophy game is this Saturday at 11 AM in Minneapolis. Nebraska heads to Minnesota to attempt to get back to .500 on the season. The Gophers have struggled under 1st-year head coach PJ Fleck maybe even more than Nebraska. This appears to be a battle of the bottom dwellers in what seems to be becoming the worst division in the power 5. I really didn’t know how to pick this game I have gone back and forth numerous times trying to figure out which team sucks less right now. I’m struggling to think Nebraska can’t get to 5 wins this year and this is their best chance to do so.

Also, I feel bad picking against the good guys 3 weeks in a row so Go Big Red.

Prediction: Nebraska 21-20

Offensive MVP: De’Mornay Pierson-El

Defensive MVP: Marcus Newby

Adam Sutton – Writer, Husker Hype @AdamSuttonGBR

Every week it’s like an entirely different team takes the field for Nebraska. One week you have Tanner Lee “the Chosen One” being protected by an impenetrable wall of linemen, the next you’re scratching your head wondering just why he made that throw or how coach Cavanaugh still has a job.

The team’s inconsistency has been the only consistent part of the team this year. Now they get a Minnesota team who more than likely realizes this game is their last opportunity to get to 5 wins. After Nebraska, they face a tough Northwestern team and a very good Wisconsin squad.

P.J. Fleck hasn’t had the greatest start to his tenure as a Gopher, but after last year’s scandal, there was bound to be some rough waters ahead. He’s looking to right the ship against a sea of red, but I believe they’ll end up with a sinking boat.

Look for Tanner Lee to find his footing again and the offensive line to get into a bit more rhythm. With the help of young players like Jaylin Bradley and J.D. Spielman, Nebraska will hold onto the hopes of bowl eligibility.

Prediction – Nebraska 27 – Minnesota 13

Offensive MVP: Stanley Morgan Jr.

Defensive MVP: Stille Stille!

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