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Colorado Lineman Michael Lynn impressed by Huskers

Michael Lynn

Huskers impress Cherry Creek HS offensive lineman Michael Lynn

Husker fans weren’t the only ones excited to see what Scott Frost had in store yesterday during the annual red/white spring game.  Englewood, CO offensive tackle Michael Lynn was in town with other recruits to check out the Huskers and was blown away by the Cornhusker’s new scheme and the crazy fanbase who showed up in force.

“The scrimmage was sick, I love how fast Nebraska plays and I’m loving the community around Lincoln. the fan base is absolutely crazy and I love that, the more insane the better.”

As an offensive tackle who tips the scales at 6’7 300lbs, Lynn has accumulated 10 D1 scholarship offers so far.  With a wide variety of college options, Michael has spent the spring visiting different programs and got the feeling during his visit to Lincoln that offensive lineman are cut from a different cloth in the Big Ten.

“Mostly how big they get in the Big 10, they’re just all walking silverback gorillas”

The Huskers size and rabid fan base weren’t the only things that caught the talented lineman’s eye during his time in Lincoln. Michael kept close watch on coach Austin’s offensive lineman during practice and noted the size and technique as something that really stood out about their play yesterday.

“The thing that stuck out the most was how technically sound the offensive line looked. The way they fired their hips with hands really impressed me.”

The trip to Lincoln was a quick one for Michael and he’s already looking forward to spending more time with offensive line coach Greg Austin this spring once the Husker staff is back out on the road visiting recruits.

With an emphasis on finding quality offensive tackles this season, keep an eye on Michael Lynn’s recruitment as he has the size, speed, and technique that programs across the country are all looking for.

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